He Threw Away His Mother’s Boxes Of Photos

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Tell me what you think: Would your son or daughter ever throw away all your boxes of family photos?

I just met someone a few weeks ago who did that. At first I was so shocked I didn’t even know what to say, but here’s the situation: The young man in his late 30s or earl 40s had one weekend to move his mother from a home she had lived in for many years into a small apartment in a retirement center closer to him and he lived two states away. So he told her, “You can’t take all your stuff with you! And part of the “stuff” he got rid of were the boxes of family photos. To his credit he did take pictures of the photos before getting rid of them—I’m assuming he did that with his cell phone.

Boxes of Photos

Who Is To Blame?

So, is anyone at fault in this situation? Do we say, “Well the kids nowadays just don’t care about family photos?” Or do we say his mom had all those years to deal with the boxes of family photos and she didn’t do it?

But I say neither one is totally at fault. He’s not at a time of life when the family photos are on his radar. He’s wrapped up in his own life and work and family just like we were back in the day.

And his mom? A lot of people I meet who’ve inherited the boxes of family photos are totally overwhelmed and don’t know how to even start dealing with them.

The Problem

But here’s the problem. Once family members who can identify the people and tell the stories are gone a lot of that information is lost forever and the photos are in danger of being thrown out because no one knows anything them. And that means our children and grandchildren will never know their full heritage—who they are and where they came from. And that would be sad. I’m Linda Sattgast with familyhistoryhero.com and I’ve shared this cautionary tale, not to point a finger at anyone, but to make us all aware of the consequences of doing nothing. And if you need help dealing with your boxes of photos let me know because I have some resources that can help you.

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