How To Honor Someone You Love (A Conversation With Mom)

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There are two kinds of family books that honor the lives of people you love: One that tells their life stories from their point of view and one that tells stories from the view of people who knew them well. Listen in on my conversation with my Mom to see an example of both kinds of books.

Hi Mom—this is Linda. Thanks for always watching my videos. If you’re watching right now I want to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed working with you on our family history.

I waited too late to have those important conversations with Dad and with Charlie’s parents. I didn’t MEAN to do that. It just kind of happened, so when you were the only one left I really put you through it asking so many questions, recording what you said, and getting it written down. Thanks for being SO patient! I never could have made THIS book about your life growing up without your help.

Decorative Photo Book

It was so much fun hearing your stories—the big lesson you learned in kindergarten about not stealing, how you begged your mom to let you have your picture taken by the photographer who came through the neighborhood offering his services, the first specific prayer you remember God answering when he gave you Jean for a friend on the school bus on the first day of junior high, how you met a handsome and a bit forward soldier from Pennsylvania who eventually became your husband—my dad.

All these stories let me know not only the facts about your life but your perspective about them, which is even more valuable to me. Your stories allowed me to get to know you in a whole new way. I made that book to honor YOU and to make sure your story was written down so my children and grandchildren and descendants could know you, too, but it was a double blessing because I got to spent that time with you. Thank you so much—it was sweet time together.

Memories of Mom

A few years ago the four of us kids made you a different kind of book. It didn’t contain a lot of facts about your life or a timeline. It was a simple book where each of us told our memories about you, how you impacted our lives, and how much we love you. So I just wanted to tell you again how much I love you! Thanks for watching my videos and being one of my biggest cheerleaders.

I love you, Mom!

NOTE: My mother never got to see this video. She died unexpectedly days after I created it. I’m forever grateful I have her stories to share with our family. And she got to enjoy both of the books featured in this video.

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