Unexpected Scanning Lesson: Interview with David Delgado Part 3

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In Part 3 of a 3-part interview David Delgado talks about his AHA moment after scanning thousands of photos for friends. To see the first and second videos in this series look for the links at the bottom of this post.

David: There’s one other thing that’s interesting about all this. When you’re doing this for people, even if you don’t know the person or you know the person, but you don’t know their family, there are pictures of their relatives or their parents or grandparents.  

When you repeatedly see these folks, you get to know them in a way, especially in videos. You see them when they’re younger—when they’re kids. And you see them doing things, activities, and you want to get to know these people. This happened especially when I digitized videos of old home movies.

I really got lucky on one case where I did a bunch of videos for this family and I got to meet their mom who was in the videos. And my gosh, I started talking to her about family stuff. “Remember that time you ran over that thing and fell off your bike?” So I’m talking to her like she was a member of my family. And she says “Yeah, I remember that….”

Linda: Doesn’t it bring the person alive to know something about them? Not just a name and a date? I call that the Tombstone History. You know, you’ve got the name, you’ve got the date they were born, the date they died, but nothing in between!

David: Well, this is why I’ve always liked old photos, because I look at them and I just wonder what the story behind that is, or what these people did… what they were like. That’s just one of my things.

Linda: You can do that for your kids as well. You can fill in some of the details for them that they won’t remember. So that’s where the family historian part also comes in—attaching the story to the photos.

David: And that’s reflected in our lives. Ever since our kids were born, my wife and I always talked about things they did when they were young, mainly because I didn’t have that when I was growing up. So it’s kind of an automatic thing with us. 

Linda: So you’re helping them remember that event and keep it in mind. The more you hear about it, the more you will remember it. So much of what happens when we’re young just falls out of our heads!

David: Yeah. And they even come up with stories that I forgot. They gives us their perception of what happened or talk about some event I had completely forgotten. It’s really funny when they come back at you with stuff like, “You said this, or you did this.” I don’t remember doing that. But yeah, they have their own stories.”

Linda: Cool! Yes, we should ask our kids more about what they remember. That’s a great idea! 

Well, David, it’s been wonderful talking to you. I appreciate you taking the time to just sit down with me and I love what you’re doing. You’re helping other people too, so you are making the world a better place in your own way, and I really appreciate that.

David: I’ll throw that back at you because to finally meet you and Charlie after all these years of seeing you on the small screen—I can’t believe it. There you are sitting right there!

b It’s just as fun for me to meet somebody from my community, so thank you!

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