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Holidays and COVID-19

It’s April 2020 and, as I write, the COVID-19 world-wide pandemic is racing toward its projected peak here in the United States. Most of us are doing the right thing—staying home to “flatten the curve” and keep the number of deaths to a minimum. But April is also the month that three major world religions each celebrate one of their most important holidays of the year. So NOW would be a great time to document how we celebrate the holidays in spite of social distancing. 

Many of us will be using technology to connect virtually with our congregations. Charlie and I attended our church’s Palm Sunday service via a pre-recorded video posted on our church’s website. We hadn’t been to church for several weeks so it was wonderful to sing along with our worship leader, hear from various church members, and be inspired by our pastor’s sermon, and we’ll be doing the same for Easter Sunday. 

COVID-19 and Holidays

This and other social distancing activities are worth documenting for future generations who will read about this pandemic years from now. In fact, it’s been fascinating to read about the creative ways people plan to celebrate, such as having a virtual Easter egg hunt, Passover seder via Zoom, or online all-day family get-together. But this is also a GREAT time to go back in history and share what we know about the faith of our ancestors and about us and our family growing up. 

As far back as I’m aware my ancestors were people of faith—my great grandparents, my grandmother, and my mother—and each generation had a big influence on the next one. This is my mother and her siblings dressed up for Easter Sunday. 

COVID-19 and Holidays

The tradition of dressing up for Easter Sunday continued with my mom and dad. Here I am with my family after church on Easter Sunday just before the big traditional dinner with our relatives. My younger sister and I are in look-alike dresses made by my mother especially for Easter. 

COVID-19 and Holidays

Charlie and I have always celebrated Easter as the most important holiday for Christians because, in Christianity, everything hinges on the resurrection of Jesus, but we also had fun doing some of the more generic Easter activities with our children, such as dressing up, painting Easter eggs, and getting a big Easter basket from Granny. 

COVID-19 and Holidays

These are stories worth documenting! And even those who don’t consider themselves to be religious live their lives based on SOME kind of philosophy—and that’s worth sharing with future generations. So take some of the time you’re stuck at home to write down the important beliefs that have guided you and your ancestors, and how you’re adapting your family’s celebrations during this unique moment in history. Future generations will thank you! 

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  1. Diane
    | Reply

    This is a great idea Linda. I am also recording the day to day impact of this Pandemic. Things people say, ‘Stay Safe’, kindness and generosity shown by individuals and businesses (free sewing patterns/classes for a limited time), etc. It certainly is a time to record!

    • Linda Sattgast
      | Reply

      I like that, Diane! There have been a lot of funny things people say too and memes on social media. An interesting time for sure!

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