Fast Family Stories With Huge Impact

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Fast Family Stories With Huge Impact

Don’t have time to write down your family stories? Here’s a fast storytelling method that takes almost no time but will have a HUGE impact on your kids and future generations.

How do you get your family stories told when you have a million other things you could be doing and you’re busy documenting everyone else’s stories?

The answer is as close as your cell phone, which most of us keep pretty close to our side. In fact, I tend to carry mine around the house with me. And if I set it down and forget where it is I have an Apple watch that helps me out. I just press a button and my phone rings, letting me know where it’s hiding.

So as long as we have a phone handy, why not put it to good use for recording family stories?

There are two ways you can go about this. You can be really organized about telling your stories—something I teach you how to do in my class Unlock the Boxes—or you can simply record a memory when it pops into your head.

Fast Family Stories With Huge Impact

Case in point. Yesterday I was out in the yard trying to get rid of all the dandelions before they went to seed, and it reminded me of a story about how my 5-year-old son totally changed my perspective one day with a fistful of bright yellow dandelions. 

So I recorded a short story on my iPhone—it was just over a minute long. So with very little effort I had a story I could save and pass down to my kids and future generations.

The point is this: You and I are the best ones to tell our stories, right? But are we getting it done? It’s not something my kids and grandkids should have to do when I’M the most qualified person to tell my stories!

So keep this idea in mind, and the next time a memory pops up, record it! Someday your kids will love hearing and seeing you tell your stories.

It’s such a simple thing and doesn’t cost you anything but a minute or two of your time, and yet what a gift it is for your kids and future generations!

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