The Most Important Grandparent Photo You’ll Ever Take

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The Missing Grandma Photo

Do you have grandchildren? If you do I bet you take a lot of photos of your grandchildren, right? And as a new grandma myself, I can understand why!

But way before I became a grandma I noticed that some grandparents were missing a very important photo or if they did get that photo it wasn’t as good as it could be. So here’s a little bit of photo advice for grandparents—and parents—that will make your grandchildren and children happy:

Be sure to get a photo of yourself with each of your grandchildren. Not a group photo. Just a photo of you with one grandchild, because that will be a very special photo for that child. And of course, each of your grandchildren will want a photo of just them with you.

Here’s an example of this kind of special photo. This is my sister with our grandmother.

And here’s photo of my other sister with our grandfather.

Sadly, I never got a picture of myself with either grandparent. For one thing, back then you didn’t take as many photos as we do today. Also, traveling long distances was less common and we lived far away from our grandparents.

But even today you can miss out on that important “Grandparent-with-Grandchild” photo if you’re not paying attention!

Secondly, when you DO get your photo taken with a grandchild, especially a newborn or a younger baby, avoid a common mistake I’ve seen in some grandparent photos. Look for a common theme in the following images:

Did you catch it?

In every one of those photos the parent or grandparent is looking down at the baby, or their face is mostly hidden—which is fine, as long as your goal is to get a picture of the baby. But if you want a “Baby-With-Grandparent” photo, be sure to show both your face and the baby’s face

For example, here’s a photo of my Mom and me as a new baby where you can see both of our faces. It’s not the best picture of either of us but I LOVE this photo! It means so much to me!

This is actually a parent and child photo, so this applies to parents as well—be sure you get individual photos with each of your children.

As a new grandma I was so excited to meet my new grandson, and, of course, I wanted to get a photo of myself with him! With a newborn you’ll need to support the baby’s head, so in this photo I tried to get our heads as close together as I could by laying him on my shoulder with his head sideways so the camera could capture both of our faces.

Grandpa Charlie, my husband, did something similar with our grandson sleeping on his chest.

Here’s another way we held our grandson where we faced the camera so it was easy to see both faces of grandparent and baby. We call him a “burrito” when he’s wrapped up snugly in his swaddling clothes like that!

All you need is ONE good photo of you with your new grandchild where you can see both faces and then you can take as many other photos as you want! Like this one of me reading to my grandson to give him a little head start in loving books.

When a baby gets a little older and can hold up his or her head, you can have a lot of fun with photos!

I especially like photos that show the love and affection grandparents have toward their grandchildren.

As grandchildren get older, have someone take photos of you doing something with a grandchild. This will help them remember their interactions with you better.

My husband loved his granny but when I ask him to tell me about what made her so wonderful, he can hardly remember anything specific about her or anything he did with her because from grade school on he doesn’t have any photos of them together, even though she came to visit and stayed with his family for extended periods of time during grade school and high school.

So granny must have made Charlie feel really special, and that’s the most important thing, of course, but if you want your grandchildren to remember the special things you did together, then have someone else take photos of you and them doing it!

So that’s my little bit of photo advice for grandparents and parents. Your grandchildren and children will LOVE those special photos!

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  1. Lois Fenton
    | Reply

    Your advice is very much appreciated. Thank you for your wise words.

    • Linda Sattgast
      | Reply

      You’re very welcome!

  2. Ellie Naill
    | Reply

    It seems I was always the one behind the camera. Not much in the way of pics with my grandsons, but…. I am now up to 4 1/2 great grand daughters. Guess we should do something about that.

    • Linda Sattgast
      | Reply

      Absolutely! It’s YOUR turn to be in the limelight! Just relax and enjoy it knowing how much your grands and great grands will appreciate it. 🙂

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